Automating the mix of an entire effect

Looking to automate the amount of bypass on an effect instead of on/off?
Essentially looking for bypass automation on a % scale.
Otherwise one would have to set up a track for each effect parameter.

The name of that parameter (often called Mix or Dry/Wet) is dependent on the particular plugin you’re using.

Often the easiest way of finding its name and creating an automation lane for it is by enabling write automation on the track in question and wiggling the knob or fader in the plugin that controls the mix (or dry/wet).

If a plugin doesn’t have a mix control, you’d have to do something more complicated.

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Thanks. I am wondering about this. In the case of the Frequency EQ plugin which I am currently using, with the default setting of dry/wet (0) the EQ settings have effect. Turning the dry/wet up from makes the clip drastically louder and I think it adds reverb (I thought wetness consistently meant reverb?) I dont think it’s adjusting the mix?

I’m guessing that the dry/wet terminology may have started with reverbs and maybe delays, but the idea ended up being applied to many more effects. One of the classic applications being “parallel compression”, which in the olden days had to be done via cabling external to the hardware effect. So “mix” is sounds less reverbish, but it’s also a very generic term, and you’re expected to understand that the signals being mixed are the non-effected signal and the effected signal.

But where do you see a dry/wet control on the Frequency plugin?

Additional reading for Frequency: