Automating the Process of Bouncing Folders

Hey all,

Is there a way to automate the bouncing of miditracks (vsti’s) in folders.

I have a project that I’ve split up into 1.Strings 2.Winds 3.Keys/Plucked 4.Ambient 5.Perc - each of these is in its own folder.

To bounce the VSTi’s I normally solo the folder and bounce.

With a long project this is tedious at best, is there a way to create an automation to solo the folder then bounce it, mute the folder and solo the next and bounce that one?


You can create outputs in VST connections for each track you want to bounce. Then set the output for each of the VSTi outputs to the corresponding VST connections output. Create an audio track for each of the VST outputs. Set the input to that track to be the corresponding VST connections output. Now record to the audio tracks as you would normally.

You are essentially routing the VST Outputs to a corresponding Audio track via a “dummy” VST Connections output (i.e. it isn’t connected to any physical hardware - though it could be if you wanted to).


I may be missing something in your question here, but isn’t channel batch export what you’re looking for. Tick the tracks you want to bounce, set project audio pool as destination and tick import into project. Cubase will then create wave files and place them on new audio tracks for all the indtruments in one go.

You mean in the export dialogue box?

It doesn’t show the individual midi tracks or folders.