Automating VST Viewer

Hi - I’d be grateful if someone could tell me the sequence for arranging for VST Viewer (with its assigned pdf) to come on automatically at the start of a song/part. Currently, it does so when I first load up the project but thereafter I have to open it manually via modules. Does this need to be programmed in tracks - and if so what kind of track would it be?

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tick the “Open Editor On Activation” control. It’s that one is active, the editor of the module/plugin will be opened when the part will be active.
Have you tried to load the VST Viewer in a global Part? Then you have the option to load a PDF for each selected tune.

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Thanks Michael

I am using the ‘open editor on activation’ button and what I’m finding is that the Viewer opens on opening the project but vanishes if another song is highlighted i.e. the pdf window doesn’t remain open with the new pdf for the new song. To re-open the window, I’m going into modules: and clicking on the little e in the top right mini-window. Is there a quicker way of re-calling the window? I can imagine situations where one may wish to consult the relevant pdf in a hurry. The solution might possibly be a shortcut?



Hi! for me, the PDF windows remains opened and content is changing by starting different songs.
I did exactly how @Spork described above although I did it for the 1st time yesterday, but in my experience put the MODULE in GBL is the key. Otherwise the same happens as you described above.

Hi fkalmus, thanks for responding - I think I’m nearly there: I have the Viewer loaded in Global and, once opened, the window stays that way and changes pdf content with the song. I also discovered that changing the pdf also changes the song! However, now the Viewer window doesn’t appear automatically on launching the project - despite the Open Editor on Activation button being blue. Another tick needed somewhere!

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Just to confirm: am I right in thinking that if the viewer is loaded globally and the “Open Editor On Activation” is ticked and blue then the Viewer will not display automatically at project launch?