Automation: (Alt) draw always inserts more than 1 event

When I use the draw to to insert automation events into the automation lane, it always inserts 2 events vertically above each other. The 1st one has the same value as the previous value on the automation lane. The 2nd has the value you pointed the draw tool at. This can sometimes be handy, but for me it’s annoying most of the time. I just want a single automation event to be inserted at the tip of the draw tool. Is it possible to make Cubase behave this way?

Hi and welcome,

I’m not sure I understand you completely, how does it look like.

In Nuendo it behavies so that Nuendo adds Ine more automation node to make sure, you get the same value after. This is useful for the audio post-production.

In Cubase it’s not like this, if the node you are creating is the very last one. But if you have some automation node after the one you just draw, it behavies the same way as Nuendo. So it creates another node.

Thanks for your Answer Martin. In fact, I now understand that I should first click (with the select tool) ON the automation curve, upon which an automation event occurs, which I can then drag to the desired position. I can on click immediately at the point where I want the automation event to be.