Automation becomes straight lines

Hi guys,

I wanted to ask a question which I feel the answer might be very simple, but which I don’t know; I tried to read quickly the Automation section of the user manual and searched for “Automation” in the forum, but I couldn’t find the answer.

I tried recording an automation playing the Arturia Analog Lab VST, finely controlling the filter back and forth (so you can hear the single harmonics go up and down); once I stopped recording, however, an almost-straight line appeared in the automation, with only a couple of points modifying the slope of the line. Listening back to it, the back-and-forth of harmonics was lost, and the filter just opened slowly (following the almost-straight line shown in the automation).

Therefore, I’m wondering: is it possible to retain the exact microedits of the automation while I record it, instead of Cubase smoothing the curve automatically?

Thank you guys

Hi and welcome,

Would decreasing of Automation Panel > Settings > Reduction Level help to you?

Thank you Martin,

I found out that in Cubase Elements’ preferences there is a fader called “Automation Reduction Level”, which adjusts the sensitivity of the automation recording.

Your reply has been very helpful, thanks!