Automation bug in cubase 12

This is something that has been annoying me since cubase 12 came out. When I select a range and bring down the volume of that range it looks like the picture below:

It doesn’t snap to the grid, it creates kind of a fade in that starts on the one. It’s really annoying. Is this just a setting that has to be changed or what?


This works as specified. It’s by design. If you don’t want to make the short fade-in/-out, select the nodes and change the value in the Info line.

What would you expect happened? You said since 12 came out, was there a difference compared to older versions?

Yes, in previous versions, the automation would look like a “dead end”

I can never make the nodes parallel to each other (90 degrees). What you see in the picture is the maximum I think cubase does this for the automation not to cause any clicks but I don’t want that


I can do it by mouse or in the Info line.

Hey Martin, does it look vertical if you zoom in as far as it goes? I looked at the screenshot again above and the selected node reads but visually does not align with the bar line.

(I’m out of the country on vacation and can’t check until I’m back. )

@Josef12345 I can’t imagine there is an audible difference. The distance between the two nodes looks minuscule. If you change your primary time format to seconds, is there a time stamp difference between the nodes? I wonder if it’s just a visual thing or perhaps they did implement a minimum distance like you said.


Yes, it looks vertical even if I Zoom In fully.

You can even go for the samples ruler. So even if there would be no chance to make it vertical (the chance is there), the minimal distance could be literally 1 sample.

No, it’s not a visual thing. It has been implemented like this by purpose.

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The most annoying thing with this is if you select an area with the selection tool and turn it down, the lower node is on the grid and the upper node is slighly after the grid. So, it’ll kind of fade in the audio. Doesn’t sound as punchy. So I have to zoom in and move both nodes so that the upper node is on the grid.