automation by extern controlers problem

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the automation of an vst Plugin Instrument (in this case NI Massive) by an external Midi controler.

The problem is the following: I can assign my external midi controler by the “midi learn” function to a specific parameter in Massive, lets say I choose the “LFO Rate” knob. When I then turn the my external Knob, the LFO rate changes, which means that I can see the “LFO Rate” in Massive moving. So far everything works fine. Now, iF I turn on READ/WRITE to record my controler changes no automation is recorded in cubase. Here something, what I do not understand goes wrong.
However, the strange thing is that if I turn the “LFO Rate” knob of Massive not with the external midi controler but with the mouse instead, the automation works. How Is this possible, because in both cases the same controler Knob (LFO Rate) moves in Massive?

Has anyone any suggestions to this problems or hints how I could record my automation with the help of the external midi controlers?


Hi mate.

Just tried this with Massive the way you have and I cannot get it to record Automation. :confused:

I tried via the Generic remote and it worked. Automation is recorded.

Thank you for your answer. I can also record automation via the generic remote, but here I cannot assign the paramters to my external midi device, or can I? From The generic remote I can switch to the Remote control editor but also here I do not undestand how to assign the midi parameters. I tried clicking on “Learn” and then turn a knob of my external midi device, but this did not work. Also some paramteters, as for example the “LFO Rate” are missing in the editor window. Have you tried your automation with an external controller? If yes how did you assign the parameters?

One solution I found meanwhile s via the quick controls. But there you have to setup the controls to your device every time first, when you start a new project. This is not very user-friendly.



Using the Generic Remote feature found under devices, you can assign a knob or button to virtually any controllable function within the entirety of Cubase; this includes Key commands also.

I just helped a guy out earlier today in setting it up on his system.

If you follow this on how to set it up you should be able to work it out from there, if not post back and I will help you.


This is a very nice tutorial. I am just on retrying it. however, I get until the point at which I have deleted all Elements an then added a new one. When I enable learn, I do not recieve midi information and in then lower window, the under “device” there is still “not assigend.” But I know that cubase gets midi information from my controler as i Can use it for example with the quick controls.

Where it stays Not assigned you have to select VST Mixer, then select the channel for Massive then in Value Action you will see Massive at the bottom this will then bring up all the assignable controls.

I Hope I am not bothering you to much and really appreciate your help!
So I followed Your instructions (In the lower window under “device” I selcted VST mixer, then under “Chanel” I selcted Massive). now In the actions Menu, no Massive paramters appear, I can only see Cubase parameters, starting with “Volume” and ending with “Ins.8”.

Should be 2 more options below Ins 8, Midi Channel & Massive; have you scrolled right to the bottom?

And no you are not bothering me :smiley:

OK I have worked out what you have done; have you added Massive from the VST Instrument panel?

What you need to do is load an Instrument channel from the Project Add Track> Instrument Track. ( This merges an Instrument track with a Midi track)

Then repeat the previous steps.

You will now find the Massive menu at the bottom of the Value/Action Menu.

Ok Thank you :slight_smile:
Yes I did scroll to the end but this two last parameters do not appear.

See the edit above… :sunglasses:

Yes you are right. Now I chose an instrument channel and as you said, I can now choose from the Massive menue in the “Action slot”. Now I can assign it to the External midi controler. I now see the corresponding value Changing in the “Adress” slot. So far so good. But when I click on “OK”, the assigned knob is not influencing the according parameter in massive. I tried to change Massive into the generic remote view, but I cannot find where to select this from the instrument track.


Unfortunately you are on your own now as without being at your studio I am unable to see. B-)

Switching to Generic control is not connected to Generic remote.

You should try with a common parameter like Filter 1 cutoff and keep trying untill success.

Please remember to export your map after each new assignment.

Yes I understand. I retried it some times but I never get it to work. I can assign the parameter and everything, but in the end they do not work in massive. However I will retry it later on. If I get it worked I will post it here.

Thanks a lot for your help and time, mate!

No problem. Good luck…