Automation causes loss in sound quality

Hi there!

When creating volume automation - though especially noticeable with sidechain-style rides - the resultant sound quality after the automation is terrible. By contrast, the same synths and instruments automated in an identical manner in other DAWs don’t suffer nearly as much, if it all. What I’m saying is, is that the audio is not smooth at all after automation, where I don’t have that issue in other software on the same computer.

To reproduce the issue:

  • Load up the synth of your choice with a sawtooth wavetable (I use Serum FWIW)
    Drop in a few chords or a melody
    Add an automation lane and select the volume parameter
    On beat 1 + 3 of each bar, draw in automation - see screenshot

I’ve noticed the problem gets even worse when changing buffer size. It’s okay-ish at 32, but when working on big projects and you’re using 1024/2048 it’s extremely rough-sounding.

It’s also worse when there’s a lot of audio being grouped, and the same thing happens when using VCA faders for the automation.

OS: MacOS 10.12.6
Cubase 9.5.0
16gb RAM, i3, 1TB HDD (250gb free)

Thanks! I hope you can look into this :smiley:


Could you share comparison exported wav files, please? Cubase vs other DAW? Could you upload screenshot oh zoomed waveform and mark what is wrong there? Can I hear it with a sine signal too? Is it reproducible with audio track by using Sound generator plug-in?