Automation CC7 doesn't bring slider up fully in VST instrument

I noticed that when writing CC7 automation in a lane up to the highest value, (which shows as 126), the associated volume slider in a kontakt instrument isn’t go all the way up but stays at 0 DB. In Logic it would go all the way to +6 DB. Any way to do this in Dorico?

Is Logic actually using CC7 or is it instead using direct parametric control of the volume in Kontakt? It’s possible that Kontakt only maps up to 0dB on the 0-127 range of CC7, but you can go beyond 0dB if you are using a different VST parameter. Dorico doesn’t yet have support for actual VST parameters: only for MIDI controllers.

Kontakt has to be configured to use its full range of an instrument’s volume using Instrument Options in Kontakt.

See animated gif:

Thanks, that worked!