Automation Changing IN LOOP only.


I hope this is an easy fix. When I am recording automation, after I stop recording, the automation between my loop markers ‘flattens out’, however everything outside the loop markers doesn’t and was just as I recorded it. Why does the automation between my loop points flatten out after I stop recording?

Thanks for any help!


You could be forgiven for thinking that the Fill option in the Automation Panel, “Loop” was like a sort of drop-in, drop-out thing, but in fact, when simply recording automation (as opposed to Trimming), it is used for setting one fixed value, that will be maintained for the duration of the Loop.
For what you are doing, I think you need to have no Fill option activated at all, but simply be careful where you go in and out of Write mode. :wink:

Thanks Vic! I appreciate your time :slight_smile: Totally forgot about the automation panel…jeez.