Automation curve in the editor, and where to find step entry

I usually record expression/cc11 after recording the actual midi. I really like using the editor for this (see photo below) but as far as I can tell there are a very limited number of things I can control in the editor. Is there any way to control CC-channels (and record automation curves) other than those in the list in the screen shot?

Also I am trying to find the step editor in cubase. I understand people have asked this before and that I should be able to enable it by right clicking in the toolbar. However I am unable to find the button anywhere. Is it even available in cubase elements?

Very grateful for any help.


Click to the Controller Lane Setup. Here you can see:

  • Type of New Controller Events > Here you can choose Ramp or Jump.
  • Show/Hide Controller Lane: allows you to show any MIDI CC into the list.

The CC Channel can control in the Info Line.

What do you mean by Step Editor, please? The Step Input is in the Toolbar of the Key Editor. It’s called Step/MIDI Input.

Thank you! I will try this as soon as I get home. Yes, step input is what I meant.