Automation curve insert dot not showing value

Is there a way to show the insert dot value? I’m trying to align things and working by eye doesn’t really work.


No, sorry, there is no way.


I’ve noticed that, when hovering, the cursor/crosshair no longer shows a value anywhere either. You have to insert it first, and then it will show the value. You might be off by 10 or 20 points from where you think you are, depending on zoom value. Before, you could hover and it’d show the value of the exact point where you’d like to be…click/insert.

@eightyeightkeys @Nuieve :
It might not solve your problem completely but I just noticed that the value is shown - at least the one of the cursor! Just not in the infoline but in the automationline: so if you stop the cursor at one point you can see the actual value at the beginning of the track in a little window that always shows the exact value of the position the cursor is currently over…
Hope that helps a little bit!

Hi Frank :
I created an empty project to try and see what you were saying above. In the MIDI Editor, the Pen Tool shows the Insert Velocity Box (screen pic attached), but, the Line Tool (Crosshair) no longer does (Screen pic attached)

Ok I see what you mean!
Just to be clear: I was talking about automation not about midi controller data! Like this:

You see - at this place you can see the actual value of the cursor in a automation curve!
But to answer to your problem:
No it doesn’t work in the Midi Editor. But it still does in the in-place edtior - like this:

Is that a possible solution or help?

Ah…I see. Thanks Frank.

I do prefer to open separate windows for editing rather than re sizing on the arrange page though.

Strange…that this worked totally fine in 10…now ? Nope.