Automation curves in key editor

Hi there, I am new to Cubase 9.5 and I really like the new automation curves that I can use below each track. However as a composer I work mainly in the midi editor/piano roll editor. I set it to open up the entire window as that’s my best workflow.
Right now I’m working on a French Horn swell, automating the modulation which I input initially with the mod wheel. However an automation curve lets me control it far more easily. I just can’t use it in the Key Editor. Would it please be possible to have automation curves available in the Key Editor view too? Many thanks!


I’d be really surprised if this wasn’t in the pipeline since we only just got curves anywhere.

In the meantime you might explore using the line tool (and its variants). Even though this only generates multiple discreet data points (which is what curves are doing under the hood anyway) you can use the Controller Lane’s tools to tilt, scale, increase/decrease etc. that data.

That could work, Raino. Well I used the line tool in previous versions for that purpose but the reason curves are useful is that it is so good at making logarithmic changes to automation. The draw tool is more useful for curves I draw and I’ve used that a lot before.

Now that I think about it, I really really want curves for tempo too. There’s so many times that would have been extremely useful. Whenever I play a rit or accel on piano, it’s never a straight line, the tempo change is logarithmic and every time I’ve recorded a performance in Cubase and then mapped the beats, I’ve had to use the time warp tool and adjust the tempo map for Every. Single. Note. Agh. Having a tempo curve would speed up the workflow immensely as a logarithmic (or similar) shape is what I was mapping out anyway.

Also despite using Cubase for so long, I never really needed to know that the key editor was called “key editor”, haha! If I could change the topic name now, I would.

You can. Click on the pencil icon for your 1st message.

Legend. Thanks.