Automation curves [merged threads]

This is about automation curves.

Excuse me if I am wrong I am still in a learning process but are the automation curves in Cubase so poor as they look like??
I feel that drawing a curve like parabola or dragging a point to get a specific value is not really precise neither intuitive. I am a bit surprised about that.
Could you guys please give me your feedback about that ? Especially those who uses other DAW. Personally I am making the comparison in automation curves with Reaper which I am using it too and think it’s fantastic.

Thanks for your comments

I agree with you!

It’s one of the areas that many have mentioned here needs to see modernizing.

Yes, Awaiting for proper automation curves ( and other up to date automation options like modulation and remote control )

Here some examples of nice automation curve (from Reaper), there is 6 default shapes: Linear, Square, Slow Start/End, Fast Start, Fast End, Bezier.

The curves are clearly more presice and intuitive and sooo easy to do.
Now don’t think that this is Reaper propaganda, not at all, but now that a realise the difference with a Cubase which is 10x more expensive than Reaper I have to say that I am disapointed…

More examples:

Automation curve is really poor in Cubase and not at the height of what we can expect from a first class DAW and moreover for the price it cost compared with less expensive DAW’s with better automation systems.
Hope Steinberg staff will consider this for further release.

Here some improvements I would like to see:

-Real curves, meaning real Parabola and not a couple of point to point chained lines
-More curves like: Slow Start/End, Fast Start, Fast End, Bezier
-Accurate dragging values
-Visually nicer curves with coloured filling
-Possibility to show the curve through midi items

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Yes, there is no comparison. Cubase is far behind in this area. I think it’s probably safe to say that many here have been hoping for a complete automation editing overhaul in order to be up-to-date (not just to copy others – simply to be much better/more modern than it is), but were disappointed that C9 didn’t have this. Hopefully very soon. It’s looooong overdue, right now it’s clunky, old, and clumsy.

Real curves!!! This needs to happen. Cubase automation has such poor resolution it’s not even funny. Not to mention it’s a pain to record automation.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled with the automation system in Cubase, especially when trying to write automation in real time and it has such poor resolution that when I make an adjustment of about 0.5dB or something, it doesn’t record precisely what I’m doing. It will simply jump the entire automation lane to the new value or ignore the change/recording completely.

All of this is in vain if you don’t have good automation editing tools. The current ones are outdated and need an overhaul.

Its funny, but the lack of intuitive and efficient automation has probably had a huge impact on my usage of automation that I’m not aware of.

Stuff like this becomes part of my style and sound of music - I’ve come up with other ways of adding variation and dynamics without realizing it.

It’s like the thought of using automation in Cubase makes me cringe - It should not be that way.

At first I thought that it was because I wasn’t skilled enough with Cubase then I realise that Automation was really as poor as it looks like.
Such a pity that I didn’t realise that before buying Pro version, it would have influenced my choice for sure! Even more when I see other DAW’s quality for even less money!

If you guys want to comment here also:

Hope that customer comments will make Cubase team react on that specific matter but when I see how many complaints have been alredy made and for long now, with no impact on the developpement, I am scared…

I actually have the feeling it will be upgraded soon, after all of the requests over the years.

The issue is when? Cubase 12.5? It probably is not as easy as simply adding bendy curves, maybe have to go deep into vectors, interpolations and maths that Cubase currently doesn’t have or not implemented in any modern way.

And don’t get me started on the whole ‘4 points to adjust one area of volume’.

Yeah, the whole system is soooooooooooooooo 1999.

+1 (though the OP couldn’t be requesting it in a more whiny way…)



+1 for the nth time.

I´m really not able to understand why we still have to deal with prehistoric automation tools in 2017.

The fact that a company advertises its product with slogans like “our most complete DAW ever.period” but is not even capable to implement a decent workflow for automation is very poor and sad.

Not only bezier curves are long overdue but a simple randomization option for sound design as well.

I am a long time Cubase user and I still need a second DAW to get my work done because Cubase is NOT a complete DAW. Period.

i think bezier curves Not are Steinberg style.

I prefer play with dots, make mistakes or even wasting time trying to make it smooth.
for example, I don’t like how it works in FL stduio: you just move mouse up/down and you get it! No, its not fun. too easy.
make tons of points, delete, make new one, delete. Then you trying use Draw Tool… any way you will delete. then just 2 dots and simple line - thats my baby!

Anyway +1 pleaaaassseeeee
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