Automation Data Points Won't Delete

There are many times when I’m trying to delete data points on an automation lane, I click on them to select them but they do not allow me to select them i.e. the points do not turn black & the data value does not appear in the info line at top of the screen so I can’t delete them. At other times they will and I can delete those points as normal. When the issue happens, I try rebooting but that doesn’t make any difference.

I guess it’s a certain setting I have at a certain state as it seems to apply to all automation lanes (either all work or all don’t). Has anyone experienced this to know what I have set wrong please as I’ve tried for a while can can’t see why it’s happening?


Isn’t the track locked by any chance?

Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your prompt reply.
I have never locked any tracks so I don’t believe that is the issue but I will of course check when I have the issue again (it’s stopped happening at the moment :roll_eyes:).
When it happens again I will also send a screenshot.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak & Happy New Year to you!

I have now just experienced once again the issue refereed to above and have realised the simple reason which I will post here in case anyone else gets confused as I have.

When I click the mouse on an automation data point which is at L42 (panning automation), the data point white background should turn from white to black and the L42 display in the info line near the top of the screen but a range data continues to display in the screen (see screenshot).
I now realise that I must already mistakenly have had a range selected so to solve the issue I must use the object selection tool to click anywhere to de-select the range, it then allows normal data point editing and displays the panning data in the info line. It seems simple now I’ve found it.
I guess it happens because I am using the ‘combine selection tool’ so when clicking in the project window without checking whether I have the ‘object selection’ tool or the ‘range selection’ mouse cursor, I must have had the ‘range selection’ tool showing.

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Actually, I also just realised that I don’t have to unseelct the ‘combine selection’ tool. Just click in the lower part of the track in the project window which de-selects the range tool and selects the object selection tool :roll_eyes: