Automation "delay"

HI guys,

As a relatively new user of Cubase 7 I’m still getting to grips with it.

Something which I really can’t work out though is this…

Say if I automate a DJ EQ on a kick drum to cut the low frequencies and then say bring the lows back say after 2 bars there seems to be a miniscule delay in the low frequencies coming back in - ie the first beat is without the punch of the kick drum. It almost sound as though the plug in can’t keep up.

Any suggestions?


Can you edit the automation data manually and move the “bring the lows back say after 2 bars” point a few milliseconds to the left ? Is it o.k. then ?


Thank you - that seems to have done the trick. Is this a setting I need to change or something I need to remember going forward?

Also keep in mind automation results will vary depending on the ASIO buffer size. This goes for playback and export.
In other words: A mixdown with An ASIO buffer size of 64 will give a slightly different result then a mixdown with an ASIO buffer size of 1024.
So when changing the ASIO buffersize in the process, make sure to check your automation points so it all still sounds like intended.

I’ve also observed automation jitter, i.e. it’s position is not guaranteed. The best way to make it absolutely precise if you’re using fast beats (say at the mixing stage) is to render the effect (or apply it as offline processing, or bounce, etc).


Thanks guys… Mike what’s the quickest way to do what you suggested in rendering the effect?


For rendering, that depends on what you’re doing…

If you’re say applying a static effect (e.g. band pass) then I’d first set it up in an insert plugin to test the effect, save a preset then use offline processing to apply that preset.

If you’re moving automation like a filter sweep then you’d have to either export just this track using the L/R locators, and tick re-import to pool + new track. Or, record the effect to another track (more complicated, usually easier to export and re-import!).

Don’t forget that if you’re exporting the track then you probably need to zero the fader and turn off any other insert effects that you don’t want to render (which is a pita but you can always use the notepad to jot down the fader level and other bits of info…).


Excellent - thanks.

This sort of activity is why so many people request better integrated rendering options, because otherwise it’s a bit round the houses to turn real-time effects into rendered audio. I hope Steinberg have it in the pipeline! Glad to help.


Cubase 7.5’s Automation isn’t sample accurate.

and depending on your buffer setting, can be a P.I.T.A :frowning:

I thought I just saw that PT latest release was touting sample accurate automation, so here’s hoping that Cubase will follow suit. We’ve got to keep up with the Jones’s after all !!



there’s sample accurate automation in reason !

long overdue…