Automation - deleting section

I’m sure this has been discussed/asked before, and I tried to search for it, but can’t locate it. Apologies if this is a duplicate.

When removing selected range in an automation lane and hitting delete, Nuendo does delete all the points and replaces them with a horizontal value plus an additional automation point to draw that line.

In ProTools when selecting a range and hitting X it removes the automation and replaces it with a line connecting the start and end of the automation in a diagonal line to smooth that out.

In Nuendo I can achieve that by deleting the automation with delete, then selecting that one new point and deleting it. But it’s several clicks and keyboard commands. I was checking if there was a preference that would emulate the ProTools behavior, or maybe there is a macro that could be built? Not sure how to handle the selection of the point that needs to be deleted though.

Any ideas? Am I missing anything?