Automation difficulties

Automation seems harder to play with. I have a track through the nexus VSTi and wanted to use automation, but did not work is required to choose one of 100 nexus fetures to just the knob will work.

Is there any possibility of automation universal I would like to play with the nexus buttons and automation runs without having to select a lot of automation features

Hope I could explain my English is not my best side: (

Well think no one understood what I meant, let me explain from a different angle
When I play with the nexus of the knobs with the mouse I can see the automation follow
as soon as I pause or if the loop goes on repeat or anything. The automation disappears I have to draw an automation for every knobs

Is there no way to play with the knobs I want with the mouse without having to redraw please any help appreciated automation is one of the most important thing for me.

I’m not sure I understand 100% and there are others who know more abut automation, but maybe this question will help-

What automation mode are you in? Touch, autolatch, etc?