I have a recording studio and I’ve been working with Cubase since forever.
I use hardwares in a rack that I can put directly on the track of the mixer when I record or insert, always on the mixer.
I explode the outputs of Cubase in sub-groups on the 16 tracks of a converter AN / NA Lynx Aurora 16. Therefore I find on my mixer the 16 outputs of Cubase. I can insert on these outputs the hardwares of the rack.
This requires wiring through a dispath.
What I would like is to use my hardwares as plugins directly in Cubase, hence my proposal below.

Use insert hardware in Cubase audio tracks.
Harware hardware (compressors, equalizers …) are connected to an AN / DA converter, 8 or 16 tracks. The converter is connected to a PC via USB.
When Cubase is running, on an audio track, in the insert, you can see the converter with each track (inputs / outputs that can be renamed, for example, from the hardware name connected to the input / output. joint).
If, for example, I chose track 4 of the converter to which a NEVE 1173 preamp is connected, it will be inserted into the corresponding track of Cubase and I could benefit from the hardware. I could also use the same hardware in other tracks as a plugin.
Questions :
How Cubase could detect a converter connected in USB as a plugin?
Does that exist?
If not, can you realize it and insert it in future Cubase updates?