Automation doesn´t follow events

Hi, even with “automation follow events” active in preferences, doesn´t work.

I create a vst instrument track, write automation and when I move midi parts, automation doesn´t follow it.

Any ideas? thanks

Cubase 8 pro.

Hi and welcome,

are you using multi-timbral Instrument track? Or single track only? Are you using multiple Outputs, or single output only?

I did some test, I notice that when I create a track instrument automation follow event but if copy this event automation is copied too. In the other hand if I create a rack instrument automation doesn´t follow events. It´s normal? rack instrument track never automation follow the events?


Yes, this is normal. This is the same scenario as a multi-timbral Instrument. The MIDI event cannot know, to which Return bus (output of the Instrument) is linked. This is the reason. If you are using Instrument track with single MIDI Channel and single Instrument output, then it’s clear, and the automation can follow the MIDI event (because it knows, which one).

Oh I understand, thank you. But one more question. How can I copy a event of instrument track with some automation to other one without this automation? only midi block and notes inside?

Do it as two separated steps. Copy the MIDI events first and automation later. Or you can duplicate the track, ID this is the use case.

Hi, my automation doesn’t follow events, regardless of the nature of the channel it seems. The automation of a bus should follow the part shouldn’t it?


There is the switcher “Automation follows Events”. Is it enabled on your machine?

What Kind od Bus do you mean?

… you can also use the Range Tool, making sure that the MIDI events and the Automation tracks are included in the Range selection :wink:.

I have the same problem (Cubase 8 Artist). Midi part with pedal data. I move the notes but the pedal data stay at the initial place. And I’m talking about LOTS of notes and data here - not ideal to select them manually. “Automation follows events” is selected but not working. This is a single midi track. What am I missing here?


This is probably something different, if you are talking about Key Editor.

Enable Auto Select Controllers (see attached screenshot).
Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 11.18.02.png

That was it, thank you!