automation doesn't work on MIDI insert ?


i try to do accelerando percussions.
so i use a drum synth and Arpache SX and use the PPQ for the step size.
i activate the Write and move the slider up down to have accelerando .i hear it in the sound, i see the automation beeing writen in cubase but when i play it back the parameter is not changing.

i try to automate other parameter they don’t work.
ho yes on arpach5 some work…

i don’t get all this mess. can someone explain me ?

Your signature lists that you have Nuendo. Maybe you should post your question in that forum.

Regards :sunglasses:

more people use midi on cubase than nuendo. hoped i could have help here.

Well… I hope someone can assist. :wink:

BTW… you didn’t mention it so I will ask… You do have the “read” automation button activated during playback… right?

Regards. :sunglasses: