Automation doing my head in - feature request I guess?

Hey everyone! So I’m still really battling with automation in 9.5. Is there any way to get Cubase to revert a parameter to an initial value once automation is finished? I’ve tried various combinations of Virgin Territory, automation filling and so on but it just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. The last point of automation is the value for that parameter for the rest of the track, or until I draw in a new resting point. Which isn’t too much hassle if you’re just dealing with one parameter. But if you’re modulating the hell out of a synth and you’ve got half a dozen parameters on the move, it’s really tedious to have to keep resetting everything back to the initial patch by hand. Multiply the problem by the number of synths used and…well…you get the point. It’s long! There are other oddities too like, if you accidentally place an automation point in a lane and undo, the point disappears but the new value remains.

I’ve been using Reason for electronic music for this very…uhh…reason. If the starting value of my filter cutoff is 80, I can draw in a clip of automation for a single beat, and copy and paste that data, time stretch and reverse it, move it between tracks, do whatever. And when that automation stops, everything goes back to where it should be. I would LOVE something like this in Cubase. Or is it already possible? Otherwise I guess I’ll just have to make a feature suggestion!

Nuendo is working this way. It always resets to the unit value. But if I’m right, this is not matter of preferences settings, this is hard-coded.

Hmmm. Weird that Nuendo can do it but Cubase can’t. I’m basically looking for this behaviour:

Skip to 26 seconds. If Nuendo can do that plus everything else Cubase 9.5 can…maybe it’s time to hop over?

"touch"mode will revert to an initial value - but you need to write an initial value first.

Hm, not sure I understand. So you’re saying place an automation point of the current value at the start of the track? When I do that and then draw in new automation the last point becomes the value for the rest of the track. The only way I’ve found so far is to use the range tool to select the area I want to automate in, drag it as if I’m gonna move it but leave it where it is and it creates a start and end point for me. So that’s something I guess, but it still doesn’t prevent the resting value of automation from being screwed up later on. It’s seriously the one area of Cubase that still presents a big problem to me.

That and the lack of global undo.