Automation dose not work as I think it should

I don’t know is this an issue or just me not knowing hot to use it properly but I think something is wrong here. I tried to find a solution and I bumped on few topic mentioning same stuff but nothing in particular.

Problem is when I start writing some automation it is always as “fill to end” mode, regardless in witch mode I currently am. Even when I am in “fill loop” mode, and writing automation between locators, still cubase writes it to the end. Actually, not always, when there is some automation points in front of currently written automation it works how it should. So possible solution is to put an automation dot on every automation track at the end of a project. That looks a bit silly and much time consuming if you have a lot of tracks and plugins with much values that you wish to change!


Then use virgin territories, if you don’t like the standard way of doing it.

Yea, I like the standard way but it seems that it is not so standard, in every mode it seems like it is only in auto-latch, fill to end mode. Only when you are in fill loop mode, it fills loop but continue the last value to the end of the project. If you write automation before some already written automation everything is fine, but if you write it and there is nothing in front of it, it dose not seems to be fine.

I just installed cubase 7.5.3 to check if there is the same thing, and it is. So it’s like that, to me that is completely illogical. :slight_smile:


First of all sorry for spamming and for third post in a row! But this one is just messing my mind.

Today I was bored and I installed also Cubase 7.5.3 and Nuendo 6.5 trial version, just to be sure to compare the same engine, and in cubase 7.5 and cubase 8 automation is doing the same thing, but in nuendo it’s like i thing it should be.

I can’t figure out why, is that a difference between those two or there is something else that i do not understand.

I recorded what I’m doing, captured desktop video, and I’m putting it here for you to compare and to tell me am I crazy or what?

File test is video from cubase 8, file test2 is from cubase 7.5.3 and test3 is from nuendo 6.5.

I hope that someone here is nuts as me and have time to check this out! :smiley:

And if i wrote something that you can not understand please tell me to elaborate more. I’m sitting here in front of my pc and I’m scratching my head all day long :smiley:

There may be something wrong with your vids… can’t get any of them to play more than a few seconds, before ‘stalling’ in VLC player here…

It is known that Nuendo has a more advanced ‘feature set’ than Cubase - in areas including Automation. Raise this as a new Feature Request topic, for others to support perhaps.

Good luck…!


I uploaded them to youtube, it’s easier that way maybe, here you go!

Yea, I know that Nuendo’s automation is more advanced but it is strange to me that in root they do not work the same way. Isn’t the same engine behind both of them? I do not need any extra features from Nuendo’s automation, I just want from cubase to behave the same way with the same tools :slight_smile:


The first pass of any automation write in Cubase is “fill to end”, even if another fill mode has been selected, irc. Also, “fill to end” is the default mode if nothing else has been selected. “Touch” will work if, as stated above, there is already a node “after” the area on which you plan to write. Hope this helps.

Yea, I figure out that but still I don’t understand why is that different then Nuendos automation. It just not making sense to me. Like I said I understand that N and C are different programs and that one have one set of futures and second have other set of futures but I don’t understand why the automation dose not work the same in basis when they are basically the same in they soul :slight_smile: And when watching C alone, that way of automation behavior dose not make sense either :slight_smile:

There have been there weird differences in how automation works between Cubase and Nuendo since version 4 or 5. Why they decided to do that I have no idea.
The difference makes it almost impossible for me to use Cubase in any situation as the automation is just to limited in this weird way.

Nuendo automation works pretty much as a regular high end console.

I tend to automate in sections. As far as volume goes I assign a loop point and “spot” automate by locking the ‘fill loop’ function and putting it in ‘trim’ mode and without playback jiggle the fader so it just adds a point at the beginning and end of the loop. Take out of trim. (cool way to spot automate volume as it stands).
Then, since ‘loop fill’ is still engaged, proceed to use whatever mode (touch, autolatch…) you need to make adjustments. It will snap back to the end point at loop end when punched out. This way anything before and after the loop remains untouched.

I don’t want to be a spammer or anything like that but i still can’t understand how Steinberg can let them self to write something in manual that is not true or those not exist. I saw i topic about some manual changes and the thing about automation is still strange. They say that it works in different way then it really is and there are still some missing option. I would not spam any more about this but I can’t figure out why they don’t change that in manual or fix it in the program. :frowning:

Just to quote one part of it.

When no automation data exists for a particular parameter, the starting point of an automation pass is saved as the initial value. When you punch out of the automation pass, it is this initial value to which the parameter will return. This has one important consequence: As soon as the initial value is set, the corresponding parameter is fully automated for the complete track, at any given timecode position of the project – even if your automation pass lasted only 2 seconds. When you release a control, it returns to the value that is defined by the automation curve – even when in Stop mode.

I’m seeing this as well in Cubase 8.0.10. Setting loop automation write to end always. Nuendo DOES NOT do this.

I have just registered to post about this issue,only to find this thread.

The manual clearly says:

  1. On the Automation Panel, activate Touch, and activate Loop to activate it as Fill option.
  2. Start playback.
  3. Move the fader until you have found the volume setting that you need and release the fader to punch out.
    The found value is set within the range that is defined by the left and right locators.

When in fact it won’t set within the range but continue to fill to end!

Can someone check if this is fix somehow in C8.5 or nothing happened ?? :slight_smile:

Nothing happened in C8.5, it’s the same. I think it’s not a bug, it’s a feature :frowning:

It’s a bug. This is a neccessary feature that protools deliberately removed to force people to pay for HD. I hope steinberg is not taking the same approach.

I think this is the same Avid mentality (it works in Nuendo, like in HD).

Agreed, this needs to be fixed.

8.5…still nothing… :blush: