Automation dropdown list looks disabled

Hey, guys.

I’m using the default dark color scheme on 10.5.12. When I show the automation lane so I can select Volume, Mute, etc., the dropdown list is black text on a dark grey background, i.e. the same color scheme as the R and W buttons when disabled. This makes the text almost unreadable (all the other text is white on a black background), so if you want to know what lane of automation you’re looking at you really have to squint.

If you click just to the right of the dropdown list, as I’ve done on Linked Panner in the attached image, it changes the background color of the R, W and automation dropdown to black text on a light grey background. This makes it momentarily visible but looks like a buggy artifact of something that a programmer forgot to manage colors on.

Are there any preferences I’m overlooking to make the automation names readable, or is it just a bug?