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I am hoping that there is a way to turn this off however I have not found anything…

I just wrote an automation track and wanted to edit it afterwards but that doesn’t seem to be possible anymore. I used to be able to click on the automation curve and it would create an insert point from which I could drag/delete…no longer works. I can do some dragging around but it won’t identify the insert point. If I want to remove an event…well, that doesn’t work at all since I can’t select it and the eraser tool doesn’t do anything. The pencil lets me do some drawing but I can’t edit it afterwards.

Is there a way to get the insert points back and to be able to edit automation the old way…and if not give some instructions on how the new way works?


Not sure what you mean as it still works. Are you sure you don’t have read suspended or the automation lane bypassed?

It works, and better than before (due to the new range editing possibilities). As likelystory said, it must be some setup thing.

Maybe I am not explaining it correctly.

First of all I do not have Read Suspended nor is the automation pane by passed.

Reading works just fine…

I’m attaching two images. N5 and N5.5
in N5.5 the insert point are no longer there, I want them back, how can I get them back?



No, you were not explaining that correctly :wink:

The automation nodes disappear when zoomed out past a certain point. Very bad design decision IMO!

yes all points are there. you just can´t see them which doesn´t make any sense to me at all.
indeed this is a very bad design decison.

Ahh, yeah, I see it! And sorry if my last reply sounded quite ignorant, I just never tried to fine-tune the automation at such zoom levels.

Okay, they decided to have the handles framed, and where this is impossible due to the zoom factor, they disappear. I’m sure this has been discussed to death over at Cubase, but of course I need to state my opinion here:

  1. Having the framed handles instead of the solid ones makes NO sense. If you are dealing with hand drawn curves, it soon becomes a graphical mess, when you have 50 frames that are overlapping.
  2. If you bring back solid handles, they can have far less pixels and are still doing their job.
  3. If 2. is done, hiding the handles at high zoom factors becomes unneccessary, and everyone will be happy.

Sometimes I question myself why so many software companies always think that every change is good…

Well, I took the time and read through the thread over at the Cubase forums.

What is described there (“mouse hovering”) is not an issue with Nuendo, as far as I can see. At least not on Win7, both 64 and 32 bit.

Also, I can also second that the are zoom levels where noone seriously would edit automation curves.

The only thing that remains is that overlapping framed automation points are almost impossible to select. Try it yourself: Draw an automation curve with the penis tool (oh, Mr. Freud, I meant PENCIL tool), have a zoom factor where they are heavily overlapping => It is almost impossible to grab the one you want to grab, which was much easier with the old small handles.

There are many situations where at that zoom factor you need to know whether automation exists and where. It’s simply removing necessary information for the sake of tidiness. While it might look “good” it can be a nightmare to use.

To be honest, I don’t get you here. If the zoom factor is so low that the handles disappear, you can still tell from looking at the curve alone if there is automation going on or not. Whenever there is any angle in the curve, it’s automation data. You wouldn’t grab and change it at those levels, coz it 's much too coarse for serious editing.

But let’s not sweat it. I agree that this new design is at least no way better than the old one.

Any comments about the overlapping handles ?

Here are two very simple examples.

If you are importing AAFs from something like Pro Tools then automation nodes are present at the start of every event. At smaller track heights with no automation nodes visible it is literally impossible now to get a good overview of the project’s automation without zooming in, checking nodes to see what you might need to keep, what you might need to delete etc

Another is if you have multiple nodes of the same value so that the automation line doesn’t change. If you are editing at a point in the session where those nodes aren’t visible and a ramp happens, you can’t zoom out to get an overview of where those extra nodes exist. A big workflow killer here.

I hate this change with passion.


Thanks all for the replies.
So Zooming in does solve the problem but is annoying the crap out of me.
I get it for volume curves and so forth however to simply turn a send effect on and off I now have to stretch stuff out. Weirdly I don’t need to zoom the height just the width and the insert points come back…so for arguments sake this makes even less sense since I am just stretching stuff out.

The vertical zoom is not a factor, apparently, so it does make no sense at all.

+1 for changing it back to how it was…

though I like the bigger editing nodes at higher levels…the no nodes at regular zoom level is seriously limiting and really annoying…and I do plenty of node editing at those levels for simple automation editing.

There is a lot to love about this new update, but this feature change is definitely not one of them…

+1 for changing it back to how it was…

I think I forgot to give my

+1, change that back pleeeeaaaassse

I hate it more and more each day.

  • 1 for me too.
    I have not installed 5.5 yet but from the descriptions here I can tell that I will not like it.
    I do lots of zoomed out automation editing like when you have automation on a vocal track and have the verses and choruses at different levels. I frequently will drag a box around those sections while zoomed out to change say just all the verses.
    Please change this back.

Another +1 for changing this back asap. Please. It’s still driving me mad in 5.5.1. It must have been an aesthetic decision, not an operational one - why change something that works, into something that does not?!

I am dealing with very long projects, often with not a lot of automation data. Some of the changes are small, and not obvious from the curve alone. I need to see the nodes when looking at a zoomed out overview - this is costing me time.