Automation editing problems since 8.2


Straight to the issue at hand: Since Nuendo update 8.2.0 and beyond when using either ‘Tilt’, ‘Scale’ or what I call ‘Compress’ on automation passages Nuendo adds an extra automation event (presumably to preserve automation curves before or after the selection). I would very very very much like to have this ‘feature’ (or bug if you’d ask me) taken back out.

While you could argue there are cases in which this could be usefull, it has always been possible to use the ‘range selection’ tool to archieve this exact behaviour. In stead, when working with the object selection tool I actually WANT the automation before and after the editted selection to scale towards my edit (or else I’d use the range selection tool! :wink: ).

The ‘fix’ (or workaround) to this issue is to manually delete the extra automation events however this seriously messes with my workflow. Also in some cases the newly created point is so close to the editted one it becomes infuriatingly difficult to select the right point, not to mention it is very possible to miss one entirely and have erratic jumps in automation.

I’ve made a short video illustrating the issue:

I’ve been hoping to get the issue fixed but currently at 8.3.15 and while automation has undergone a couple of reworks already this is one that has stayed in. While never specifically mentioned anywhere I acually get the impression (based on the contact I’ve had with support) Steinberg sees it as a ‘feature’ or ‘fix’ rather then an issue that got introduced.

Finally, I need to get something off my chest: Steinberg, PLEASE FIX YOUR USER SUPPORT.
Over the past couple of years I’ve had support tickets deleted, ignored, multiple months of no response, reponses that didn’t adress the issue (for example: sending me links to pieces of the user manual entirely non-related to the issues at hand), etc. Not to mention incredibly poor command of the English language. I’m not a native speaker myself but come on! I used to be a massive Steinberg/Cubase/Nuendo fan recommending you to my students, colleages and forcing co-workers to make the jump to Nuendo - and I still love your software - but as a media composing company with multiple composers and studios, sound design facillities etc. you must understand I simply don’t have the time to deal with an incompetent support employee who doesn’t speak English. I want stuff to work and knowledgable people to respond to me at a reasonable notice. If it’s cost related I’d actually be very willing to pay for proper support, anything but this current situation. (In fact I shiver at the thought of what it cost me to take the time to e-mail a support representative seven (7!!) times and after the seventh e-mail without an answer just giving up.)

I whole-heartedly support your chestful of poor support. Arise, dear creators!!