Automation Editing: Track VSTi's [SOLVED]

If a VSTi is opened as a ‘Track’ instrument and several outputs are activated, these outputs appear in the MixConsole but not in the Project window.

Automation can be written and read for the output channels in the Mixconsole, but how can the automation be edited without them appearing in the Project window?

NB: If the VSTi is opened as a ‘Rack’ instrument, the outputs appear in both the MixcConsole and Project windows, so any automation can be easily edited. Why does this not happen for ‘Track’ instruments?

Instrument track channels also appear in the project window by simply clicking the automation lanes.

Not if you open a VSTi as a ‘TRACK’ instrument. In this case only the Instrument track appears in the Project window. If you open a VSTi as a ‘RACK’ instrument , the Instrument track AND the output channels appear in the Project window.

Works also with “TRACK” instruments.

That is very strange. That just does not happen here and never has!

Could it be some preference setting? - I’ve checked Preferences/VST and found nothing relevant.

To set this up I select the VSTi tab in the Right zone, click Track then select Halion Sonic. Then after it has added the Instrument track to the Project window I activate 3 additional stereo tracks on the HS display in the Right Zone. This creates 4 tracks in the MixConsole but none in the Project window. If I choose the ‘Rack’ option instead of ‘Track’ it creates the same 4 stereo tracks in both the MixConsole and the Project window.

Am I doing something wrong?

In the following two pix the 4 output channels activated are present in the MixConsole but not in the Project window.

I’ve found the answer.

I had to right-click on the Instrument track and then select ‘Show Automation’

That does not seem very intuitive to me.

It may be better if there were Preference options for VSTi’s something like:

[Auto-show automation lanes in Project Window] or [Manual Activate Automation Lanes].

But at least I know how to do it now (after all these years).

You simply have to click in the left lower corner of the track header (underneath the pianoroll symbol), where there will then appear the arrow to open the lanes.