Automation editing/ values display problem (GA1)

What am I missing here

I need to keep the GA1 UI visible and playback on in order to edit automation? Really?

Looks like normal behaviour. At the beginning of your video your cursor seems to be at the very start. If you change a value later in the timeline the knobs aren’t supposed to move.

If you have the cursor behind the last (or between) automation points and alter the automation it will move on the fly.

Thanks for the response and sorry for being perhaps unclear.

Like you say, the GA1 knobs are the only thing working normally here. But unfortunately that is not the problem.

If you watch the info line or cursor values for the automation point I’m editing, you see that they are showing arbitrary values.

Therefore, the only way for me to know what effect my edits are actually having, I need to have the playhead running and either listen to the effect OR try to see which values the knobs are moving through. This can’t be the normal behavior… right?

EDIT: Heh, youtube is broken; I actually insert some highlighting boxes to the video trying to pinpoint the arbitrary values - the boxes can’t be seen in Chrome :smiley:

Ah, ok, Iron (which is Chrome) is my standard browser. Could see it in IE and yes, I agree. This is not as it’s supposed to be.

What happens when you try to alter the value with mousewheel in the info line?

Thanks for asking! Some more arbitrary behavior in terms of displayed values. Also when typing in a value, the outcome is something very unexpected.

I’m clueless… any new ideas?

No ideas really, seem like a bug. The value in the infoline isn’t updated correctly.

What happens with other plugins + parameters? Is it just happening in GAO? (… will try myself later but haven’t encountered such problems myself - use Groove Agent rarely…)

Thanks marQs, it would be very nice to hear if this happens on someone else’s DAW as well.

I’ll let you know, if I can produce similar symptoms on another plugin.

No problems with GA1 pad panning pots
Nor with FM8 transpose

Could it be somehow related to the semitones Cubase & GA1 try to use as the edited/ displayed automation values…?

This happens to me. Which means I can’t be specific with my automation.