Automation editor and Mixer values

Hi Lars,

It is being very difficult to set values in Automation editor like reset to Center/Zero or set values with precision. Please provide some controls like up/down spinner buttons or type in values in an input box.

In the Mixer, it is hard to set volume values precisely. Allow us to type in a value or provide up/down spinner controls.


I agree with this, I often find myself having to make micro adjustments to the mixer sliders when fine-tuning a mix, this is very difficult.
I have suggested that tapping the mixer slider slot above or below the knob moves the slider up or down by a small 0.1db amount.
Double-tapping on the knob would still reset the value to 0dB.
This seems feasible as tapping above or below the knob does nothing at this time

I simply love Automation and its graphic editor. But I keep shying away from it because it is frustrating to set precise values easily and there is no way to reset values once changed.

Please see LumaFusion Cropping, Size & Position, Blending, Volume, Pan and other inspector panels where we can increment/decrement X, Y, Size, etc. values in small increments using arrow buttons on either sides of the sliders. Something like this would be ideal and easy to use.

You can add such spinner controls to all built-in Effects panels, Settings, etc. too.