Automation Event Editing Issue

Hi all,
Has anyone else encountered this issue -
Occasionally when editing events in any automation window using my pencil (not Apple), selecting an event to be moved causes them to shoot rapidly to the right and out of sight as soon as the screen is touched, therefore making it impossible to select anything at all. This does not happen if I use my finger, but then that’s like threading a needle using your toes……if you know what I mean.
I can’t send in a clip of this issue because Sod’s Law will make sure it won’t happen when I try to screen record it :frowning:
I am using iPad Air 4, iOS16.3.1. Cubasis 3.5.1.
I have opened a new empty project but this does not replicate the conditions of a working project.
Any hints or tips welcome :beers:

Hi @fixitmania53,

Are you able to provide us with a short clip which shows the steps leading to the issue?