Automation event editor: don't want Cubase to create new automation points at selection start/end

When I use the automation event editor to move or scale a selection of automation points, Cubase always creates additional automation events at the start and the end of the selection. Is there any way to disable this?

Automation for me is about smooth transitions, so I am constantly deleting these new automation points to prevent jumps…

If you click/drag on one of the actual automation nodes themselves, then no new nodes/points are created at ‘each end’. Experiment a little; I think I have that right… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, Puma0382. Yeah, scrolling in the info line Value field also doesn’t create new nodes. But sometimes I want to scale, tilt, etc…

So a preference to turn the automatic creation of new automation points when using the automation editor on or off would be helpful.

  • 1000!!! It´s super annoying! You could scale ramps prior to the last addition of the scaleable range selection (which is much appreciated). But not being able to scale ramps is crazy.

Hey seahawk, it turns out you can move a selection of automation points without creating new points: You make your selection, and then move your cursor to ONE of the selected points and find the few pixels where it turns into a HAND. Then drag. It´s still mega-annoying because the tools of the automation event editor (tilt, trim etc.) are given more pixels and it´s difficult to find the few where it turns into the hand. The workflow in the last cubase version was much faster concerning this feature.