Automation events


As I understand correctly. Cubase records files >> they become clips >> become events on a >> track.

Is it possible to make a part of automation on let’s say “LFO” become an “event” ? So that I could actually do the following with it:

  1. Save it to MediaBay as an automation event.
  2. Copy past it to another track’s automation.
  3. Drag it around.

I mean so that it could be in some kind of a box “event”. I’ve heard it was possible, perhaps I confused it with another DAW, but can’t find such option or any tutorial on it.

Thanks for the answer in advance!

not possible. (hopefully coming at some point, it’s been requested for years.)

for pasting chunks of automation around while retaining its shape correctly, i suggest using the ‘range’ tool.

Thanks for the answer! :wink:

Too bad! That would be just awesome! Especially if it could be saved as chunks to the MediaBay. Then it seems, I have confused this feature with some other DAW.

It seems strange that Cubase does not have it, especially if they now have “Virgin territories”, which means you can just connect clips/events of automation here and there. Perhaps, “Virgin territories” is the initial step towards it. Perhaps, the team spent too much time rewriting the new engine. Hopefully they will now start putting in new features in faster paste. Automation for me, is still the most user unfriendly thing to do, even though I use it so much.


Perhaps you meant FL Studio’s interactive project browser?

I requested something similar here:

Regarding VT - I hope so too… But they just enabled the function that has already been in Nuendo for some years. In fact if you have VT in your project and open it in C7, it displays correctly as VT, so the code had been there they just unlocked it to gain new features (sic).