Automation feature requests

Is it possible to add the ability to mirror/reverse automation, so if a filter sweep has been programmed to descend, it can be copied and pasted to ascend in another section?

Also, how about fixed shapes that can be added to the automation lane like Ableton can, or similar to the Cubase volume fade shapes?


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Hi @Charb

Are you already familiar with the automation drawing tools, such as Parabola/Sine/Triangle/Square, that are available when you right click on the line tool?

Yes. I’ve only just started using automation but it feels really chunky and hard to control.

Here’s a demonstration by Greg Ondo on how to fine control a sine wave with the shift and CTRL modifiers:

Let me know what you think is missing for better control.

Agreed Spent all day searching today. Was very surprised when I realised I couldn’t