Automation Follows Events - "Bypass" Parameters Corrupted

I wonder if anyone else is getting this intermittent issue. “Bypass” automation events are being corrupted when events are moved with Automation Follows Events “on”.

For example:

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 17.12.49


Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 17.12.53

Bypass should either be “on” or “off”. Sometimes automation is simply removed elsewhere in the track, and on becomes off or vice versa…

Annoying. Bug, or user error?


I think this has been reported by other users.

Ah. Couldn’t find it… will look again. Either way… at least it’s not just me.

A fix would be nice, as I mend a project that’s in a right mess. :wink:

Any word on whether this is a real bug and flagged for a fix? 'tis a nuisance. :wink:


No word on this? Really messes up sessions…