Automation from plugins gets erased when using redo to reinstantiate the plugin

When restoring a removed plugin A from the history all the automation from other plugins gets erased.

Say, I removed an instance of ProQ3… When trying to restore it I get this message and then all my filter and reverb automation is gone.

Happens all the time with various different plugins (too many to list) not just ones shown in this example.

C10.0.6 Pro

Can you reproduce this with included Steinberg plugins to, or only 3rd party?

The devs need to reproduce this in order to fix it, best would be a simple report in as shown in: How to format a bug report

Yes, followed the steps, issue reproduced.

  1. new project. new audio track, Add an audio file there.
  2. Add REVelation.
  3. Activate Write
  4. record automation of some Width changes.
  5. Add Compressor, record automation of some Threshold changes.
  6. Insert Chorus plugin.
  7. Remove Chorus plugin.
  8. Open undo History
  9. undo “Plugin removed”
  10. Click “ok” to dismiss “when undoing this step…” message .
    All automation from REVelation and Compressor has been erased.