Automation from vst


When I automate let’s volume or cutoff from a vst synth, it doesn’t show the automation on same channel, but opens a new folder and I see the automation. Problem it is that it is very much not comfortable and not intuitive, and put a lot of mess in the project and can get messy.

Is there any solution for that?


Hi and welcome,

Sorry I’m not sure I understand your issue. Could you share a screenshot, please?

Do you use Audio tracks or an Instrument track? Or an Instrument Rack?

Hello Martin, thanks for replying

i attach a csreen shot.

when i do an automation on the vst itself, for example i lower the volume “on the run” while music is playin, then a new folder opens for these automation, and i cant reach these automations from the channel itself, as i know it works at my friends. usually they switch a little some knob on the vst and then the last automation they did appears first on the channels itself, marked with a " * ".

it causes a lot of mess in the project and also i cannot know which folder is which channel and it is hard to find out.
also if i control the volume from the automation of the channel itself it causes contradicts with the vst.

i hope there is a solution for that

thanks a lot

i think it missed this screen shot


I see, you are using VST Instrument Racks. The automation is then drawn on the Audio Return Channels, which are pretty far from the MIDI tracks. I would recommend to use Instrument Tracks instead. If you use only one Audio Return, the automation track is directly under the MIDI parts. If you start to use multiple outputs, the automation tracks are still bellow the source Instrument track.