automation frustration (throughout the nation)

I’ve scoured the manual and the web but can’t find a sensible way to select a section of automation and easily alter it. eg boost the volume of a guitar part 2db for 8 bars. I must be missing something but it seems i need to create an automation edit point at either end (not easy to do without changing the current value of the line, unless you are very careful with the mouse!) and then turn off snap and create edit points very close to and just outside of the others. Then select the inner points and adjust accordingly. This is so easy to do in (spit) pro tools and logic…
I MUST be missing something. help me i beg you

If you have the “Info Line” turned on, you can just type in the value manually. Much easier!

i still need to somehow create 4 edit points. no?

go to the volume automation lane … use the range tool to select … use the info line to bump db.

i think i found the solution. The automation panel is needed. fill - “loop” and set to auto latch. voila. phew

sounds like an elegant solution but this doesn’t work for me in Cubase 7.05. Range select tool displays no useful info in the info line. Events have to already exist and be individually selected. Maybe you have a different experience? i’m intrigued

do you have automation enabled? Are you doing range selection in the automation lane?

OMG, this sounds incredible. I’ve been doing it like the OP, creating 4 points total, etc., I didn’t even think to ask of there were a better way. Can’t wait to try the range tool in the automation line next time.

If it works … woo-hooo!

(BTW - I imagine using the range tool creates two automation points at the break points?)

it’s not quite as stupid simple as that (although it should be), all that does is get your edge markers in. Then you select using the pointer and set the info line value you want. You still have to deal with edges and the “four corners”