Automation full copy issue?

There is a bug when you make a full copie of a selection, for automations :

PS : sorry for my english :smiley:

Hello ! it is unbearable you can not make full copy, insert silence without the automation bug!

picture was down, but now works fine.

Yeah, stuff like this has been happening since SX2. I hate to sound harsh, but deal with it.


Hi there,

please write a step by step repro…

And I will check it…

When I tried to follow your pictures, I can not find any misbehavior.

Hi Marcus,

This is completely off topic but I posted a thread about a bug with the StereoDelay plugin and didn’t get a response. Was just wondering if you or someone else saw it. Don’t mean to hijack the thread but it would be nice to know if someone did see it.

Link to thread: