automation ... HOW TO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a major problem i can’t solve.
when mixing for music most of the time you set eq compress for the track and that’s ok.
sometime you do some automation but that’s not big deal.

when you mix for movie ! you have to change eq and compress and sends … and ALL ! almost each minutes. i have about 30 automations for 20 tracs for 52 minutes of movie ! (and that not much)

now with protools i know how to do that. you deactivate READ, set all your parameters using cycle and when ready you activate write and there you go all your “changed” paramaters are recorded within a specific part.

but in cubase i have to set all of them with mouse ! and the check each punch in / out to make sure they match the first and last frames !.. omg this is so noobish please tell me i missed something !

first: have you tried the automation panel in cubase? (and key commands?)
easy to use, very fast workflow e.g.

this is what I miss in PT.

yeah i did. but couldn’t find how to set all parameters at once !
i have to clic each one set proper value record.
if you don’t record it it jumps back to it’s automation position !
then do the second one … blablabl…

but when you change a 4 band eq that’s 3 parameters per bands i can’t do 12 pass for each scenes of a movie !

  • it is impossible to search for a sound having part of the automation runing and part of the automation written…
    the protools way is the only way i see.

one thing i tried is to
1- duplicate track
2- remove read
3- set alla parameters as desired
4- copy paste the region in first track hopping automation would follow with the corresponding boundaries…
hell no it keeps the original automation of the track …

sorry you were right
you can do all with this panel
just activate loop AND suspend all read
this way you can run though a loop and change peacfully all parameters you want as if there were no automations and when you stop play all the datas are set to the last value inside the loop only.
the only thing you have to watch is if you change a parameter that has not been automated so far (!) it will do a jump to the proper value on punch in BUT it will keep this value on punchout for the rest of the track.