Automation (I think?!) removal

Hi all, I have imported some midi files and there is some kind of automation on the tracks. What is weird (well actually pretty cool, once I work out what it is) is that I can see this automation visibly on the main screen. Usually, things such as velocity, modulation, panning, I have to go in to the actual track midi note editor and select the appropriate options to see the parameters. But on these tracks, I simply cannot find where this automation has been applied. I want to remove some of it, but also want to know how to do it. I’ve tried “viewing automation” on the tracks, I’ve tried looking through all the midi parameters, but just can’t find it. Help? Photo attached - you’ll see that you can “see” all of the notes, but then there are also triangles where things like fades, modulation and pitch bend signals are being applied. Where do I see and edit the detail behind these triangles? Thanks!

Double click the event.
At the bottom left under the controller lane and left of the scrollbar click on the page icon (next to the +) and select show used controllers.

Perfect - got it, thank you !