Automation in Battery 3

Hi, i am trying to automate parameters in battery 3.I was totally lost and posted on the NI forum.I got bit of help with this video
But i cant get the automation curve to come up on the track in cubase 6.
Anyone know how to do this?

You’d have to add the automation lanes in Cubase and write it in yourself via the Pencil Tool or Quick Controls or other remote device if using a controller. That vid is showing how to automate the plug itself, won’t show in Cubase.

thanks for reply.
The parameters dont come up in the options in cubase,when i click on automation track and then more.

Which track are you trying? It should be the VST Instrument channel associated with the VSTi that’s loaded in the rack, not a MIDI or Instrument track.

it was a midi track
but even if i do it the way u say,i still dont see any mention of battery 3 parameters

Screenshot? How are you going to write the automation?

thats the problem. i cant write the automation because there is no battery 3 parameters commin up in cubase.
what do u want a screenshot off?

Once more, of the ways I mentioned earlier, how exactly are you going to write the automation if the parameters were there?

the parameters are not there.
I was able to apply automation on battery like the video showed,just not able to write it to cubase
on the video he used protools and was able to select 001 in automation setup.This cant be done incubase,so that is my problem

I guess I’m not speaking English. :confused:

funkman are you sure you’re trying to write automation on this channel and NOT the instrument or midi channel?

I got confused by this too when I first got Battery… I was trying to write automation to either the midi or instrument track and got very frustrated. Coincidentally, I always wondered what that weird other track (with no channel, eq, inserts, etc) was for haha… well it turned out that weird looking track/channel was the automation track and all it does is automation. :bulb:

thanks for ur help stealth.
originally i was trying to do it in midi track.But then i tried in the other wierd track ur on about,but i have same problem.NO battery 3 details at all.

Come on folks,someone bound to be able to help me get this sorted.

You’ve failed to answer all questions put to you, not to mention not posting the requested screen shots. How can anyone help? One user has it working so it’s definately something you’re doing wrong. That something has been brought up time and again but for some reason you refuse to listen. My advice is to read back through my posts until it hits you what you aren’t understanding. The parameters are there, you aren’t looking in the right place.

Here is 2 not sure if it will help though.

See the smaller track right below the one that’s selected? That’s where Battery’s parameters will show. Right-click on that selection pane and see what happens. You can open more lanes below that.

thanks for geting back.U say the smaller track,do u mean the one that says input gain? if so,i just get the "add track"box. i can open more automation lanes,but no sign of anything to do with battery 3.

Last post before I call it quits on this one. You can lead a horse to water… .

Common sense thing to do would be to open the automation lanes associated with all the Battery channels in your screenshot until you find them.

Listen mate.for starters u arent using battery so u are only specualting that the parameters are there.Believe me they aint there
opening each lane only opens a lane for the parameters that are available.BATTERY AINT THERE.
i appreciate u trying to help me,but i have done what u suggested and it has not worked.

forgive me if this doesn’t help - I’ve only quickly scanned this post, but I have tested Battery automation and found the only way to do it is by assigning midi cc’s to the knobs -
A) by right clicking a battery knob and moving a physical knob on your controller, or
B) if you haven’t got a controller, by assigning a midi cc to the a controller lane in the battery midi track, entering some automation events and getting battery to pick them up after right clicking the battery knob in question.

Enabling automation write in Cubase and using the mouse on battery’s gui doesn’t seem to write automation events.