Automation in Battery 3

I have possibly sussed it out. the automation seems to be done on the master channell track.
i have included a screenshot. i was able to record automation for 3 separate midi channels nad this is where it is done.its a bit of a mess,so not really worth using it.Native instruments would need to sort it.
Also i have "automation follows events selected,and when i copy a part,the automation does not copy with it.

Look up how to write automation via the plug’s GUI.

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the video from my first post showed details,but the example was in protools.dosent work the same in cubase.

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OK I’ve worked it out funkman…
You have to assign controllers first in the automation page of battery [view menu] under host. (Presumably because there are so many parameters in battery as every cell has it’s own independent set of effects etc.)

So, you press host, then drag the 2nd box from the left [controller 1] to the parameter you want to automate [after making sure you’ve pressed the relevant cell to enable it]
Once you’ve written you’re automation it comes up in the vst instrument track automation lanes [I’m sure there’s a preference setting somewhere to make sure this automatically happens…if not use the automation pane in Cubase to "show all used’]

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Ok, but that still doesn’t answer my question to you