Automation in Cubase 10.5.20 not being Read by some VSTs

I’m having issues with a few VST’s not responding to automation in Cubase. What I’m running into is with three VST’s in specific:
Ohm Force - Quad Frohmage
Ohm Force - OhmBoys
Ohm Force - Ohmicide

The issue is that in the case of the first two VST’s listed, written automation will not be responded to until I add another VST effect in the insert path. The issue with the third VST is that no automation is responded to. The following link is to a capture demonstrating the issue (link).

I am able to consistently reproduce this issue in Cubase 10.5.20. However, they respond to automation just fine in Cubase 10.0.60.

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Good evening,

I recently received an email from Gregory at Ohm Force and he requested that I try writing automation via the Generic Remote Control Editor, just to see what would happen. Strangely enough, automation written from within the Generic RC Editor works just fine but automation written from interacting with the knobs in their UI’s is not reflected. I’ve uploaded a video to show this behavior here.

Any suggestions or feedback would be useful - as they are of the opinion this is possibly a Cubase issue (or an option I am unaware of) and I’d love to get it resolved.

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