Automation in VST LIVE

Hi all! please tell me how can i automate the mute button on audio track

Hi @Andrey_Karpenko,

VST Live does not offer an automation track. You could instead use a MIDI Track, use a virtual MIDI Cable and automate a MUTE action of an audio track with MIDI events.

See you

Thank you Michael! Could you halp me please how i can do it ? Maybe this action is described in the user manual ? Thank you for your halp.

Here’s an example:

  • new project
  • tracks view “+”: create audio track (the one you want to mute)
  • mixer view: drag “Song 1” channel all to the left
  • click “e” on the Song buss. You will see your audio “Track 1” channel
  • Devices/Actions and Shortcuts
  • Channels Tab, click “+” to add an action. It defaults to “Volume”, change to “Mute”
  • for “Channel”, select Channel 2 (the first channel is the “Song 1” bus which would mute all tracks)
  • now you can assign both a keyboard shortcut (say “M”), and a MIDI controller. You may use the “Learn” button, then send the MIDI event you want to use from your controller.
    Of course, you can extend this to all provided actions, also have a look at the other actions.

To automate the Action, select a virtual MIDI cable, such as “VM In 7” in the “Midi In” column. Then create a MIDI track, and select “VM Out 7” for its output (Inspector). When you send your controller from that MIDI track, it will control the mute state of the audio track. You may double-click the MIDI track to create a MIDI event and “Edit/MIDI List Editor” to insert controllers manually, or just record an external MIDI event on the MIDI track.

Once you get the concept of both “Actions and Shortcuts”, and “Virtual MIDI”, you can do a lot of interesting automation tasks. While this sounds complicated, it is very flexible. We will provide “classic” automation tracks later, too.

Yes, this is what I was looking for! You helped me a lot! Thanks for your help!

Hi @musicullum ,
I double-Click the MIDI track to create a MIDI event and once in the “Edit/MIDI List Editor”, if I click on “+”, nothing is happened. Is it normal ?
I’m using V1.3.2.

Another behavior.
Dragging a channel (like dragging Song1 all to the left) belongs to a layer. So when the layer changes to another, the Song1 channel goes back to the “normal” place.
Is it normal ? Is it ok for what you suggested ?

Another Behavior,
The MIDI event (for Muting for example) does not start at the begening of the event but at the next first time of the event.

… you need to select a clip in a MIDI track.


… can you please give us a step-by-step repro?

  1. Start VL, New Project, Default Layer 1 is loaded with HALion Sonic
  2. Select TRACK and add an audio track
  3. Select MIXER
  4. Move “Song 1” channel to the left
  5. Click to “e” button
  6. The Mixer channel order is : Song_1 | Track_1 | HS | Stereo Out

What’s next?

Thank you,

I want to “automize” the “monitor” button. But there is no this option in the actions.


Add a new Part => The Song 1 goes back to his initial place

… the mixer order is Part dependent. Do this :

  1. Start VL, New Project, Default Layer 1 is loaded with HALion Sonic
  2. Add “Part_2”
  3. Select “Part_1”
  4. Select MIXER
  5. Move “Song 1” channel to the left. Order is now “Song_1 | HS | Stereo Out”
  6. Select “Part_2”. Order is back to “HS | Song_1 | Stereo Out”
  7. Move “Song 1” channel to the right : “HS | Stereo Out | Song_1”
  8. Select “Part_1” and order is back to saved one : “Song_1 | HS | Stereo Out”
  9. Select “Part_2” and order is back to saved one : “HS | Stereo Out | Song_1”


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Yes I have selected a clip before clicking on “+”.

There are no track actions. But for realtime audio input, you can work with Stacks, which have multiple Actions and Shortcuts options.

Do you plan to add track actions ?

Yes we do.

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Hi @Spork,

The event “Muting TD17” is selected, then I click on “+” but nothing is happened. I have to create a midi note to see something in the MIDI list.

MIDI is inserted is at the cursor position, if the cursor is outside the event, nothing can be inserted. Place the timeline cursor inside the event.

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Hi @musicullum,

I found two limitations using your solution.

1- For a song with several parts, we need to move “Song1” channel to the left for all the parts…
2- In the “mixer view”, we have to keep the “e” always opened because if “e” is close, the channel 2 becomes another channel… (and “e” button is dependant of song)

open------------------------------------------------- close

Do you have a better solution ?