Automation: Info line scale differs from plugin scale: VST2

Putting this here for now instead of issue reports in case it’s just user error (meaning me). Though I thought I remembered reading about something like this somewhere, I couldn’t find it now in the issue forums.

I’m automating Voxengo MSED Mid Gain. When automation is written and the dial is left at “0”, the info line has a value of 66.67.

Similarly, there is a mismatch between all values on the Voxengo Dial and the info line.

This makes it very hard to edit the automation after it’s written. What if I want to change the gain from 0 on the dial to -1.5 … what value do I pencil in/type into the info line? Etc.

Thanks for any help on this -

[EDIT: Is this the same problem as is now being reported for Cubase Pro 8, relating to VST2 vs VST3 plug-ins?]

OK, I have confirmed - things work as expected only if I use the Voxengo VST3 version of MSED. If I use the VST2 version, I get that weird scaling on the info line, 0-100, which makes it difficult to edit the automation when the MSED GUI has a different scale.

Bottom line - so far it seems I have to use VST3 plugs in order to have automation display correctly in the info line.