Automation is copied between tracks

When I’m copying a part with automation under it, the automation is copied as well.
It’s in the preferences, and that’s good for me.

However, the thing is that it’s also happens when I copy a part to another track…

That’s not as good as, since there’s absolutely nothing in common
between the original and target tracks.
So it’s highly annoying and demeans manual process to remove all this unnecessary automation.

Is there any workaround?

Regards :slight_smile:


You have to enable/disable the Preferences before copying. Luckyli there is a dedicated button in the Toolbar menu, and you can also assign a KeyCommand.

(Or you can copy the data Out of the Project window; for example if it’s MIDI data, you can copy/paste it in the KeyEditor.)

Yep, found this button you point at.
Not a bad solution at all.
Many Thanks Amigo.