Automation issue Cubase 13 pro

Cubase 13 is acting weird when I use volume automation. I change volume automation then save project and open it again, track volume faders are not in the same value I automated them and balance is ruined. I have automation on audio tracks and on vca faders which are routed to those audio tracks. Am I doing something wrong with the routing? This happens randomly, not every time but on many projects not just one. Anyone has the same issue?


Is there a VCA involved by any chance? If yes, this is a known issue.

Yes there is. Audio tracks are grouped and also vca controlled.


This is the known issue, I’m talking about.

Ok thanks Martin. Waiting Steinberg to solve this. Annoying tho, this issue has been reported with C12. Automation is very important feature and almost impossible to work without it.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. This has been an issue for a very long time. You’re best course of action is to stop using VCAs all together I’m afraid.

Yep, what a shame

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Workaround for this: If I save and quit the project after moving playhead to the beginning of the project, everything is in balance when I open the project next time. But If the playhead is somewhere else in the timeline, balance is whatever.