Automation issue in virgin territory mode

Hi everyone,
I (still) have a problem with automation in Nuendo.
When I duplicate a part automation stop working.
I noticed that when I duplicate a part, Nuendo create a new automation point at the beginning of the session.
Here is a small video and the corresponding file.
Could one of you test it and tell me if you get the same problem?
I’m working on Mac Os 10.11, Nendo 8.2.10


  • After several tests I notice that the bug concerns exclusively the virgin territory mode.
  • In virgin territory mode : Everything works well (I can record and play with automation) until I move or duplicate or copy/paste something on the track.
  • After moving, duplicate or paste a block, no more automation is working on the track. The fader stay freezing in the last state (position) before the last action. From this point (when the automation freeze) : I can still write new automations on the track but It won’t be read.


For information…
I had a reply from steinberg :
“looks like there is a bug in version 8.2.10. Please roll back to Nuendo 8.0.10 to use the fully working automation. Our developers are informed and working on a solution.”