Automation Issue?


New user to an Mackie MCU Pro. So far everything seems to be going well with it, however I am having an issue now in Cubase 9.5

I’m trying to ride a vocal for the final mixdown and it seems that some of the points disapear as the songs moves on? It’s track everything, then all of sudden a bunch of rides go away?

Any reason why this would be happening?

I have it set in both Read and Write buttons activated.

I see all the fine rides there…then when I stop it, it seems to like remove many of them and average it all out???

Must be some setting?

Press F6 to open the automation panel. The settings to the bottom left allow you to change the automation reduction level. Reducing the number of automation points helps you achieve more editable results.

Cool thanks!

Changing the reduction level to 0 got the desired effect I need.