Automation issue

Is it just me or does anyone else get irritated that when applying automation on the output channel. I’ll explain my point. If for instance you have just automated a fade out at the end of your song. You also have an EQ and a Limiter as inserts. You have to sort some playing out say a guitar part, so you turn off the automation by clicking the green R(ead). You replay the guitar part and then click on the Read button to reinstate the automation.

However now the Read on the EQ and the Limiter are now enabled when they were not before. Why should this happen? This particular incident affected the GUI and the mixer and the limiter GUI went laggy and intermittent which was solved by turning the limiter( and eq) Read button off.

Could this be sorted out at some point please.

I totally agree, it’s not intuitive as to when the R and W buttons are lit, I think the behaviour is inconsistent…

But, I use the automation Mute buttons instead of turning the Read button off. This way you can control just one single automation lane and not effect the others.


Thank you Mike that is a very good point. I will adopt that for future reference- it did not occur to me.

One point. Can you assign the blank buttons under the Read and Write buttons. It would be an easy way to improve the workflow if I could defeat whatever automation I have selected on the Stereo Out.

Interesting question, but I don’t think there’s any way to assign those blanks. Great feature request perhaps?